Covid Care at the 9Muses

The 9Muses has always been guided by the timeless wisdom of the Golden Rule: to treat others as you would have them treat you. During these uncertain times, the Golden Rule is a beacon that shapes the way forward. At the 9Muses, this means caring for each other, taking responsible actions to stop the spread of COVID-19, and continuing to offer a comforting and enjoyable experience to our guests and residents, and a safe workplace for our employees.

As we look ahead to the future of hospitality and travel, we are implementing full-scale enhancements to our already stringent health and safety procedures. Our program is focused on providing care, confidence, and comfort within the new COVID-19 environment and beyond.

The 9Muses experience may look different in this new environment, but it will feel the same; ultimately, it will still be our people delivering the same attention to detail, intuitive service and personalized care for which our brand is known and trusted the world over.

Safety, well-being, and cleanliness are our main concern. In response to the coronavirus, we have taken additional measures developed to make our cleaning and hygiene protocols even more rigorous:

  • All 9Muses team members will be checked and briefed regularly and self-sanitation will be imposed.
  • All 9Muses team members will make sure the enhanced sanitizing protocol is kept at all times.
  • The rooms will be equipped with antibacterial hand sanitizers for the use of everyone.
  • All rooms will be sanitized before each check-in
  • A certificate will be provided to each room after every sanitizing session.
  • The cleaning staff will enter the room only, when guests are not in, to ensure as less contact as possible.
  • Bathrooms and kitchen will be specially sanitized at each housekeeping visit.
  • Linen and towels are laundered and sanitized.
  • Reception and laundry room as well as common areas are sanitized regularly


Our Shared Responsibility

Guests are critical in preventing the spread of Covid-19. To fulfill this responsibility, we offer resources such as Covid-19 related signage and materials describing good health practices.

Signage is posted to remind guests of social distancing guidelines and hygiene practices to prevent the spread of any disease.

Associates and staff have been educated on the proper way to wear, handle, and dispose of PPE, and the appropriate way to wash hands, sneeze, and avoid touching their faces.

We remain wholly filled with a love of travel and Grecian hospitality. Our brand is much more than a home away from home, we are family. Thank you for your love and support during this challenging time; we look forward to welcoming you with safety and Greek hospitality.

The 9Muses Owners and Management Team

Send us your enquiry and we will reply as soon as possible, availability for summer 2022 is already limited!

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Skala, Kefalonia, 28082 Greece | Tel: +30 26710 83562 | Fax: +30 26710 83560 | email: 

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Skala, Kefalonia, 28082 Greece
Tel: +30 26710 83562 | Fax: +30 26710 83560

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